"The Heart of Chan Pilgrimage” to Dharma Drum Mountain Taiwan 2016

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2016 will mark our third pilgrimage trip to Dharma Drum Mountain, a sanctuary in a world of turmoil and the home of our Chan lineage. What is unique about this trip is that for the first time it will be open to all Buddhist practitioners in the world. Please spread the word and encourage all those who wish to come to apply.

Guo Gu, the resident teacher at the Tallahassee Chan Center in Florida, will be leading this “The Heart of Chan Pilgrimage.” The trip dates are: July 5 to 18. The intensive Chan retreat, led by the Chan Hall master, Venerable Guo Yuan, is July 7-14. After the retreat we will tour Taipei’s important cultural and scenic sites so that we can experience the beauty of Taiwan and its people. The tour will be a vacation from daily concerns, worries, and entanglements to explore another part of the world. The retreat will be a vacation away from our vexations to recharge our spirit.

Enrollment is limited to 60 people. Participants must speak fluent English and must have already practiced buddhadharma for at least two years and have done at least one meditation retreat. Participants are responsible for airfare. Food and simple accommodations on Dharma Drum Mountain will be provided by Dharma Drum Mountain monastic sangha. Both the retreat and accommodations are donation based; past participants generally have expressed their gratitude to DDM by offering between $300-600 USD. We will be traveling by private buses in Taiwan before and after the retreat, so all participants must prepare $60 USD to contribute for all bus trips. Participants are responsible for their own food outside of Dharma Drum Mountain and spending money when we tour Taiwan. Application is due no later than March 1, 2016.

Trip Itinerary (Tentative)
  • 1. July 5: Everyone arrives in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. A bus will pick up participants of this trip to Dharma Drum Mountain located just outside of Taipei City.
  • 2. July 6: Rest and explore Dharma Drum Mountain monastic complex.
  • 3. July 7: retreat begins in the afternoon.
  • 4. July 14: retreat ends at noon. Visit Yangmingshan National Park and natural springs.
  • 5. July 15-17: Visit Taipei’s National Palace Museum, tea hous, shiopping district, and night market.
  • General comments on travel dates: People are welcome to stay on longer at DDM beyond July 18th. Please indicate this on the application form.

    Donations and Scholarship:

    If you would like to donate funds to help practitioners who cannot afford the trip, please contact Tallahassee Chan Center. There may be limited funding for scholarship based on the donations that we receive. In past years, we were generally able to give partial support for airfare and spending money to three practitioners.

    Preparing for the Trip

    Mental preparations: This trip is an opportunity to enter into a period of practice. We will be among good company of bodhisattvas. The meaningfulness of the trip depends on how well we prepare for it.

    Many karmic obstacles may arise that prevent us from going. Thus we have to prepare for it spiritually and accumulate the merit necessary to make the trip. To prepare for the trip, participants must engage in daily meditation. Participants are also encouraged to do some kind of daily practice to help others or recite the name of Avalokitesvara (Guanyin) Bodhisattva in addition to daily meditation. 21 daily prostrations practice for the wellbeing of all sentient beings is also encouraged.

    Other preparations: Safety is important and we have to take care of our health. You are encouraged to purchase traveling insurance. Other preparations include making arrangements appropriate at work, with family members, and friends ahead of time.

    There are many benefits in traveling light. Participants should keep their luggage small: one suitcase and one carry on. We will spend a good amount of time on DDM, where we can wear loose, comfortable clothing for meditation. Taiwan will be very hot in July. Please bring short-sleeve shirt and long pants for retreat; you may wear shorts or long skirts for the tour. The colors of your clothes should not be bright but subdued. We should also bring our own travel toiletry (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and towel). We will hand wash our cloths.

    If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the Tallahassee Chan Center via email (tallahassee.chan@gmail.com) and a staff member will respond promptly.

    Please Click Here to download the Application for this retreat.