Special Events

  • “Teachings on the Platform Scripture of Huineng”:

    Fri., Apr. 14, 21, 28; May 12, 19, 26, 2017.

    Guo Gu offers a series of six classes on the teachings of Huineng—the foundations of the Chan tradition. Required readings will be provided. Suggested donation: $70 for this whole series.

  • Formal grand opening of our new center with the abbot of DDM:

    Sat. Oct 14, 2017, 11am.

    Followed by lunch and dharma talk in the afternoon. All are invited.

  • 7-Day Intensive Chan Retreat:

    June 30 to July 8, 2017.

    This will be an overnight retreat at Tall Timbers. Prerequisite: Have at least done two shorter retreats and have a regular meditation practice for at least a year. Partial participation possible. Suggested donation for the whole retreat: $500. Scholarships available.

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  • Beginner's Meditation Workshop:

    This 3-part Beginner's Meditation Workshop is the most systematic and thorough introduction to the practice of Buddhist meditation available anywhere. Practitioners of all levels can benefit from it. It covers the conditions, methods, stages of meditation, pitfalls, and other supporting techniques to regulate the body, mind, and spirit such as self-massage, yoga exercises, and daily mindfulness techniques. $70 suggested fee for all three classes.

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  • Half Day Retreats:

    1st & 2nd Saturday of each month.

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  • One Day Retreats:

    4th Saturday of each month.

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  • YOGA at TBC!!

    We now have professionally trained yoga teachers offering classes at TBC. Our aim is to promote health, body and mind for meditators.

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  • Guo Gu's 2016 Travel Schedule:

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  • We are planning to publish a *vegetarian cookbook for practitioners*. While we are still in the planning stages, the eventual book will have Guo Gu's introduction on "food and spiritual practice" followed by chapters on "appetizers and light meals," "main meals," "salads," "deserts," "side dishes," and "breads, cakes, and cookies." Please contribute to this collaborate book project by sending your original recipes and photos. All types of vegetarian recipes will be included (lacto-ovo; ovo-free; vegan, raw-vegan). The editor of this cookbook is Fred Glock. Please send your contributions to tallahassee.chan@gmail.com with a subject heading, "cookbook recipes."

  • Past Events

    • 7 Day Intensive Chan/Zen Retreat: Guo Gu led a seven day Chan retreat from 12/26/2016 to 01/01/2017. The retreat was held at Cherry Lake 4-H Camp, Madison, FL. Please click here to view the end of retreat photo.

    • Visual Presentation on Japanese Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage in Shikoku: On Monday, March 21st, Sara Crayton gave a visual presentation about her recent pilgrimage to the Buddhist temples in Shikoku, Japan.

    • How to Forgive Workshop: Jim Dincalci, the founder of Forgiveness Foundation International and the author of "How to Forgive When You Can't" led a workshop at our center on Sunday, March 13th from 1:30pm to 6:00pm.

    • 3-day Beginner Mind Retreat: Guo Gu led a special weekend retreat from Fri, 02/12/2016 to Sun, 02/14/2016. This retreat featured interactive workshops such as: the Art of Sitting, the Art of Walking, the Art of Questioning, the Art of Self-Massage, the Art of Seeing, and the Art of Listening. Please click here to view the end of retreat photo.

    • 9-day Intensive Huatou Retreat: Guo Gu led an intensive 9-day Huatou (Gong’an; Kōan) Chan Retreat at Dharma Drum Retreat Center from December 26, 2015 to January 3, 2016. Please click here to view the end of retreat photo.

    • Four-Day Labor Day Weekend Retreat: Guo Gu led a four day Chan retreat over the Labor Day weekend at Tall Timbers Research Station from Fri, 09/04/15, 6pm to Mon, 09/07/15, 12noon. Please click here to view the end of retreat photo.

    • Four-Day Memorial Day Weekend Retreat: Guo Gu led a four day Chan retreat over the Memorial Day weekend at Tall Timbers Research Station from Fri, 05/22/15, 6pm to Mon, 05/25/15, 12noon. Please click here to view the end of retreat photo.

    • Three-Day Memorial Retreat: In honor of the late Master Sheng Yen, Guo Gu led a three day memorial retreat , Feb 06 to Feb 08, 2015 at the Florida State University Reservation's Retreat Center. Please click here to view the end of retreat group photo.

    • 7-Day Intensive Silent Illumination Retreat : Dec 26 2014 to Jan 01 2015, Guo Gu led a 7-day Intensive Silent Illumination Retreat in DDRC, Pine Bush, NY. Close to a 100 participants took part in the retreat. Click here to view the end of retreat group photo.

    • Children's Home Society Toy Drive 2014: We participated in the holidays drive at the Children's Home Society. Practitioners generously donated new toys worth more than $1000 this year.

    • 5th anniversary establishment of Chan in Tallahassee : The Tallahassee Chan Center began in 2009 as a small group of three to five people interested in learning meditation with Guo Gu. In five years, over six hundred people have come through our center to learn meditation. Our celebration in the Month of September included the following events:

      * Labor Day weekend Chan retreat from 8/29 to 9/1,
      * Book giveaway and social on 9/15,
      * Special Fund raising dinner on 9/26,
      * Zen Tea Ceremony on 9/29.

    • Japanese Pottery Workshop : On Sat, Aug 9 (4-6pm) and Aug 23 (4-5pm) 2014, the Tallahassee Chan Center hosted a workshop on how to make Japanese tea bowls with pottery teacher Ms. Sara Crayton. In the first class, the participants learned to make the bowl and in the second class, they glazed it.

    • Pure Mind Pure Land Pilgrimage 2014 : July 01-12 2014, Guo Gu led the "Pure Mind Pure Land Pilgrimage" to Taiwan, the home of the Dharma Drum Lineage.

    • Three Day Intense Retreat : Fri, May 23rd evening to Mon, May 26th noon, Guo Gu led an overnight retreat at a member's private house.

    • Guo Gu led a short weekend workshop retreat on Silent illumination at the Barre Center of Buddhist Studies in MA on Mar 14-16, 2014.

    • Three-Day Memorial Retreat: In honor of the late Master Sheng Yen, Guo Gu led a three day memorial retreat starting Jan 31 to Feb 02, 2014.

    • 7-Day Intensive Huatou Retreat : Dec 26 2013 to Jan 01 2014, Guo Gu lead a 7-day Intensive Huatou Retreat in DDRC, Pine Bush, NY.

    • A Special Talk on Silent Illumination : On Nov 11 2014, Guo Gu gave a talk on "Inquiry into the genesis and practice of silent illumination." This was an in-depth follow up of "You Are Already Enlightened" article by Guo Gu that was published in Buddhadharma magazine.

    • DDM Abbot visit to TCC: Oct 28-30, 2013, Ven. Guo Dong, the Abbot President of Dharma Drum Mountain visited the Tallahassee Chan Center. A ceremony to take refuge in the Three Jewels and Five Lay Precepts was offered by the abbot.

    • TCC Picnic Day: On Sunday, September 29, 2013, TCG had a picnic day. Location: Lafayette Heritage Park, 4900 Heritage Park Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32311.

    • The Art of Zen and Stress Reduction : September 26, 2013, Guo Gu gave a talk on the Art of Zen and Stress Reduction in New York City.

    • 4 Day Chan Meditation Retreat: From August 30 to September 02, 2013, Guo Gu led a four-day Chan meditation retreat.

    • Women's Self Defense Class: From Jun 12 to Jul 31, 2013, Sensei Dewaine Rester, 2nd Dan, Pan Gai Noon kung fu taught self-defense class for women on Mondays and Wednesdays.

    • Intermediate Meditation Class: From February to May 2013, over nine classes, Guo Gu taught a special meditation class introducing five Buddhist meditation methods aiming to achieve samadhi (meditative absorption).The methods were: Six Miraculous Gates of Breath, Contemplation of Sound, Ocean-Seal Samadhi, Bright Moon Samadhi, and Buddha Recollection.

    • Guo Gu's ebook, Essence of Chan: A Practical Guide to Life and Practice according to the Teachings of Bodhidharma, published by Shambhala Publications is available to purchase on any online bookstores.

    • Buddhist Summer Camp, 13th Annual Family Summer Camp was held in June from 14th to 16th this year in Orlando, FL.

    • Transmission of Bodhisattva Precepts was held at the Dharma Drum Retreat Center, Pine Bush, NY from May 16-19, 2013.

    • 7-Day Gateway to Chan Retreat at Dharma Drum Retreat Center, Pine Bush, NY.

    • Special Talk by Guo Gu on "Teacher-Student Relationship" on Mon., 02/18, from 7:30 - 8:30 pm followed by an informal social gathering. We distributed books by Master Sheng Yen in commemorating his passing.

    • Guo Gu visited various places in the last three months, giving workshops and leading retreats. For more information, please click here for his activities outside of TCG.

    • November 4th and 18th (two Sundays), Sara Crayton held a Japanese pottery making class. She has been making pottery for the past 15 yrs. Participants learned to make their own tea bowl, plate, or a unique mug! In the first class they made their own pottery and in the second class, they glazed it.

    • From November 9 through 11, Venerable Dhammadipa, who is a long time friend of Guo Gu, visited Tallahassee from Europe. He gave a Friday talk on the importance of love and led a two-day retreat on Sat. and Sun. the same topic. To listen to his talk please click here.

    • On October 14, Guo Gu gave a workshop on stress-reduction at Yoga Quest in Tallahassee, FL. A The yoga practitioners were delighted to be introduced to Chan practice. Guo Gu will start giving classes there regularly next year.

    • In the months of September, we collected items for the Children's Home Society (CHS). Thanks to all those who contributed!

    • In the months of July and August, TCC members renovated the whole center inside and out. The exterior of the building was painted, the interior walls were painted, wood flooring was laid down, a drop-ceiling was installed, tiles were installed in the bathroom, interview room was organized and painted, and another air conditioner was installed. We would like to thank all those who have donated their time, skills, and money to complete these projects. Special thanks to Dewaine Rester for heading the project and many others who volunteerd for the renovation.

    • From July 6 to 9, Guo Gu was in Washington DC giving a talk and a workshop. The Friday evening talk is entitled, "Zen and the Art of Stress Reduction." The Saturday workshop is the Zen Based Stress Reduction Workshop.

    • On May 17 to May 28, 2012 Guo Gu led a "Pure Land on Earth Pilgrimage" tour to Dharma Drum Mountain in Taiwan.

      The pilgrimage was both a unique practice opportunity that allowed practitioners from the US to meet and practice with other bodhisattvas from the US, Europe, and Taiwan. It included the first 5-day intensive Chan retreat in English on DDM, commemorating the third year passing of Master Sheng Yen. Twelve people from TCC participated in this trip, accompanied by eighteen people from other States and Australia. We visited other Taipei Branches of DDM and other cultural sites in Taipei. In 2014 the trip will be held again.

    • From Fri., 6/15 to Sun., 6/17 Guo Gu was in Orlando at the 2012 Florida Buddhism Summer Camp giving several talks both in Chinese and English at an annual "Florida Buddhism Camp." He was among several Buddhist teachers at this event. There are classes for both adults and teens, and in Chinese and English.

    • On Sunday, March 18th, 2012, from 11am-4pm TCC held its first picnic. About a dozen people came on that relaxing day. We ate, played a couple outdoor games, and did a mile walk on a nature trail. Guo Gu also led a period of outdoor "direct contemplation" exercise, a meditation on nature, around 2pm. Everyone enjoyed the day and TCC plans to hold a picnic every year.

    • On Saturday, March 10th, 2012, from 9-12 noon the Tallahassee Buddhist Community practitioners came together for an annual "Cleaning Day" event. We would like to thank all those who came by and offered their time and energy in making the center the best it can be!

    • On Monday, March 5th, 2012, from 7:30-9:30pm, Guo Gu gave a special talk on the history, misconceptions, development, and practice of silent illumination. The talk clarified the uniqueness of this practice in the context of the Chan and Zen traditions. It also provided ways to enter into the practice. A link to the mp3 file of this talk is available here.

    • On Monday, February 20th, from 8-9pm, we held a book give-a-way social gathering event at TBC honoring the third year death memorial for Master Sheng Yen. We also view a short film clip of his teachings. Sitting will be from 7-8pm.

    • On Friday, February 3rd, from 4-6pm through Sunday, February 5th, 5pm, we held an intensive memorial Chan retreat at TBC honoring the late Master Sheng Yen.

    • On Saturday, January 14th, 2012, from 2-4pm, Guo Gu offered a meditation workshop on the Florida State University campus at the invitation of the FSU Buddhist Student Association and the Center for Global Engagement. Over twenty people came to the workshop. All of which enjoyed it and expressed interest to pursuing the practice of meditation.

    • For upcoming activities and Guo Gu's activities elsewhere, please check "Calendar" page.

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